Suggestions for improving English at home at the time of the Covid 19

Some ways to improve your English speaking skills at home:

1. Read aloud

One of the best ways to improve your English speaking at home is to read aloud from your favourite book.

When you read aloud instead of reading in your mind, you can hear what you are saying and take note of which words are tripping you up or simply sound wrong.

Download mobile apps from good companies such as British Council and Macmillan Education such as Sound Pronunciation App and Learn English Sounds Right and type in the words that you aren’t sure how to pronounce. Listen to the pronunciation on the app and try to replicate it when you are speaking them aloud.

You can also keep a notebook at hand and note down the words that are problematic for you to pronounce. Keep adding to the list every day.

So, pick up your favourite Harry Potter or any other good English book and read it aloud every day for just half an hour to improve your English speaking skills.

2. Listen to podcasts

Many good media websites now also host podcasts where they hold interviews or talk about various things happening around the world. You can check out the top podcasts available around the world. You can go for BBC podcasts and listen to them for half-an-hour every day to get a good idea of what good spoken English sounds like.

Not only will you get to know about what all is going on around the world during the Covid-19 lockdown but also better your English speaking sitting at home.

3. Play games with English instructions

Since you are spending so much time at home with your family during the Covid-19 lockdown, you can pick up your old board games with English instructions and play them with your family to improve your English speaking skills.

In games like Monopoly, the instructions are written in English. While playing, you can read them aloud to practice English speaking at home.

You can also go for computer games or mobile games that you play alone which are text-based. You can read out the stories written in English as the game progresses, but this is sure to be more fun if you are playing something in a group.

4. Indulge in some karaoke

You don’t only need to stock to books and podcasts to learn English at home. You can even improve your English speaking while having fun singing karaoke at home! Download any of the karaoke apps on your phone such as Karaoke, Smule, and WeSing and sing away! The lyrics of the song will come on your phone and you can sing aloud your favourite English music titles.

Record yourself while you are at it so you can play it back and listen to yourself to identify which words you are pronouncing wrong.

Note down the difficult words in your notebook so you can check out how to speak them correctly using the pronunciation apps.

5. Call a customer support hotline.

If you have anything to know about some home appliance or beauty product or even new services being provided by your mobile network provider during this Covid-19 lockdown, call up their hotline and have a chat with a customer service representative.

Since customer service personnel receive training classes in English speaking, their pronunciation would usually be flawless and you can learn a lot by conversing with someone like that in English.

6. Put your GPS / WAZE in English.

Getting directions in English can be very useful to practice English for finding your way to your destination BUT make sure you choose a voice you can understand well otherwise you will undoubtedly get lost 😊

 7. Listen to audiobooks and audio drama

One of the most exciting ways to learn English speaking at home is to listen to great audiobooks and audio drama.

You can download free audiobooks from torrent websites or look up the many audiobook websites where you can find some of their collections for free.

Some famous audiobooks like the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings series are very popular and are narrated by famous actors or spoken-voice artists.

You can pop in your headphones and lose yourself in a virtual world of fiction with these audiobooks during the Covid-19 lockdown! Listen closely to how the narrators are speaking to improve your own English speaking skills.

BBC also hosts radio drama series that are highly engaging. You can find some amazing collections online to download or stream on YouTube or other websites. Save them all on your phone to create your own collection and enjoy!

 8. Check out English speaking movies and TV series and memorise lines

This is the time when most people are watching a lot of TV series and movies at home because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

So choose your favourite British TV series or movies and watch them closely with the subtitles on.

Read aloud the lines in the same way the actors are speaking them onscreen to improve your English speaking skills while also enjoying a good show.


So, check out these tips to improve English speaking skills and remain productive during the Covid-19 lockdown!