Describing the NEWS exercise

Read and listen to a report / article - you will probably have to read and listen more than once. Make sure you are able to summarize the story in just a few words and try and use words from the text (especially new words).

News Articles (B1 and B2)

Prepare to talk about it with the following questions as a structure:

  1. Why did you choose it?
  2. What is it about?
  3. Did you learn anything from it?
  4. Did you like it or not?
  5. Can you relate to the story from your own experience.
  6. Was the story easy for you to understand.
I will listen to you telling me about the story you have chosen and then I will ask some questions:
  • Maybe I will interrupt you in the middle:
Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
Can you tell me more about that?
What does _______ mean?
  • and you will choose to answer in the most comfortable way for you:
Yes of course  /  Yes of course but can I finish and then I'll answer all your questions.
Yes ....  /  Yes and I'll be happy to go into more details at the end
Yes it refers to .....  /  Yes but could I finish the presentation and then we'll talk about it.
  • Your news summary should last between 2 to 3 minutes - it can be longer if you want. 
Speak slowly and clearly. 

  •  Choose a news item - an article or a report, and you decide on the length and of course the subject. 
  • Tell me where you found the article (or just give me a link).
  • Below you can see news links from around the world and at different levels and some with language exercises.
  1. Learn English With A Uk News
  2. BBC - News Review
  3. France 24 - French & World news in English 
  4. Spanish news in English 
  5. German News in English 
  6. Learning English with CBC 
  7. Dailymotion - Sky News with subtitles
  8. The Times in plain English
  9. I24 - Israel News
  10. Special Broadcasting Service (SBS - Australia)
  11. The Irish Times
  12. Good News Network
  13. Voice of America )VOA) - news
  14. Breaking News English
  15. News in easy English   
  16. News in Levels
  17. English Online