Mountain Biking


  1. trail
    a path or track
    An accomplished endurance athlete, he twice completed a 100-mile running race through winding trails in the Sierra Nevada mountains.New York Times (Dec 19, 2011)
  2. trailhead
    the beginning of a trail
    Warning signs are posted at the trailhead and along the trail.Washington Post (Sep 2, 2011)
  3. disc brake
    hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to both sides of a spinning disk by the brake pads
    Disc brakes are one of the biggest improvements to off-road biking, with their ability to apply variable force from a trickle to tossing you over the handlebars - even after you've fully submerged them under a stream.
  4. endurance
    the power to withstand hardship or stress
    Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of cells, so more mitochondria mean better endurance and fitness.New York Times (Dec 10, 2014)
  5. root
    underground plant organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes
  6. rollover
    the act of changing the institution that invests your pension plan without incurring a tax penalty
    In biking rollovers are the process of hopping smoothly over fallen trees using timely front-to-back unweighting, hopping and carefully-chosen speed.
  7. rock garden
    a garden featuring rocks; usually alpine plants
  8. berm
    a narrow ledge at the top or bottom of a slope
  9. bridge
    structure allowing passage across a river or other obstacle
  10. aluminum
    a silvery ductile metallic element
  11. titanium
    a light strong grey lustrous corrosion-resistant metallic element used in strong lightweight alloys (as for airplane parts); the main sources are rutile and ilmenite
  12. carbon
    an abundant nonmetallic element in all organic compounds
  13. knobby
    having knobs
  14. downhill
    the downward slope of a hill
  15. cross country
    a long race run over open country
  16. technical
    of or relating to aptitude in a practical skill
  17. gnarly
    rough and misshapen and full of knots
  18. cog
    tooth on the rim of gear wheel
  19. suspension
    a mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers