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DIY home repairs and renovations quiz

Do it yourself vocabulary exercise

DIY Home Quiz

Taking the Quiz

Please make sure you answer all of the questions. To answer, simply select what you believe is the right answer.
This quiz consists of 20 questions, and should take you no longer than 8 minutes to complete.
  • 1. What colour is the earth wire on a plug?
  • 2. Whistling pipes may indicate a serious problem with your plumbing.
  • 3. Which of the following will not prevent pipes freezing while you're on holiday?
  • 4. Cold pipes can freeze as easily as hot water pipes.
  • 5. A blown fuse can indicate which of the following?
  • 6. In the event of a gas leak, you should open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
  • 7. Which of the following causes of a blown fuse indicates a serious problem?
  • 8. It is possible for mice to exist in your home without a source of food.
  • 9. Which of the following are protected species (i.e. is it against the law to remove from your property)?
  • 10. Boiling water can be used to unblock toilets and keep them fresh.
  • 11. DIY electrical installations in the home must be tested by a fully qualified electrician to obtain a minor works certificate.
  • 12. Which of the following causes dry rot?
  • 13. Lower quality light bulbs can cause bulbs to blow.
  • 14. Which of the following causes a 'gurgling' sound when the bath is drained?
  • 15. You need council planning permission if you plan to have your house rewired.
  • 16. Rats can enter your house through a cat flap.
  • 17. Changing a washer will usually fix a dripping tap.
  • 18. In most British houses, the water supply is turned off:
  • 19. Which of the following is true?
  • 20. Which of the following should you do in the event of a gas fire?

    DIY - Home repairs Quiz