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General Information About Electricity
Electricity Shocks
Find out how is electricity produced, learn some safety tips and print some activities at this student produced Thinkquest site.
Miami Museum of Science - Atoms Family - Frankenstein
This resource contains educational activities relating to different forms of energy presented by famous gothic horror characters. Frankenstein presents information about various forms of electricity and electrical safety. Part of the Science Learning Network.
The Shocking Truth About Electricity
Find out about the history of electricity, circuits, sources of power, experiments, biographies of people who developed electricity and more at this informative Thinkquest Junior site.
IPPEX Interactive
Learn the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism at this interactive site. Requires Shockwave.
Explore static electricity at this National Geographic site.
Theater of Electricity© 1995 Museum of Science, Boston
Find out the truth about Franklin's kite experiment, learn about Tesla Coils and more at this this online museum exhibit.
Informative site for kids from the California Energy Commission.

Electricity Activities
Exploratorium Snack: Exploratorium Science Snacks
You'll find some great activities to help you learn about electricity at this site.
Electricity and Magnetism Table Of Contents
This site offers a series of experiments about electricity and magnetism designed for use in the fourth grade.
Benjamin Franklin and Electricity
Information about Ben's contributions to the study of electricity. Includes activities.
Static electricity- EnchantedLearning.com
Describes static electricity and provides activities.